About Our Cast Bronze Plaques
All of our bronze plaques include--at no additional charge--the
following standard features, unless otherwise requested by a
customer according to their special requirements:

• High-quality, "Old World" craftsmanship cast bronze plaque.
• Unlimited "text-that-fits" - No per-letter or word charges!
• Pebble-texture, dark brown background.
• Raised border and polished letters.
• Line art-style graphic(s), logo(s) or hand-written signature,
   whether provided by you or chosen by our foundry's design
   team from our collection.
• Fast proof turnaround...usually in hours, not days!
• Standard "conceal-mount" hardware.
• FREE shipping!

Bronze Plaque Options
A variety of options, such as single or full-color enamel photos,
are available to be ordered with any sized bronze plaque. Please
call the professional who referred you to this website to discuss
your specific needs.

About Our Bronze Plaque Design, Proofing Process
We will provide a proof of the plaque layout for your approval before it is sent to the bronze foundry for casting.

Unless specific font sizes and styles, punctuation, capitalization and/or other direction is provided, by submitting your order for one of our quality cast bronze plaques you agree to allow our design team the flexibility to use their experience and discretion to create the best layout possible given the amount of text provided and plaque space available to ensure the most attractive appearance.

NOTE: Although we respect our customers' right to make revisions to their plaque so that it meets their expectations, we reserve the right to charge a fee if excessive changes--as determined solely by us--are required by our customers. We are not responsible or liable in any way for misspellings or errors in fact contained in the information submitted by customers.

Bronze Plaque Mounting
Although various methods of mounting our plaques are possible (let us know if you have specific needs), the vast majority of our customers use the "conceal-mount" technique for installing their plaque against a concrete or brick building or wall.

Typical installation includes creating a paper template outline of the reverse side of the plaque (a sturdy craft paper is best); marking on the paper where the holes are in the plaque; measuring, leveling and marking the drill holes in the surface of the building or wall; drilling slightly larger holes than the diameter of the threaded "studs" that will be screwed into the back of the plaque; hand-tightening the four threaded studs into the plaque; filling the drilled holes with industrial-grade epoxy; setting the plaque and studs into the holes so the plaque is flush with the surface of the wall, bench, etc.; and letting the epoxy set according to the manufacturer's directions.

Typical Turnaround Time For Bronze Plaque Orders
Once the proof of the layout is approved, the bronze plaque is normally cast within 4 weeks. Another week is required for shipping for a total turnaround time of about 5 weeks. This is an approximate--and not guaranteed--timeframe and shouldn't be strictly relied upon, particularly if planning an unveiling or dedication ceremony.

Need Rush Service?
Our busy customers are often short on time and in a rush to get their bronze plaque(s) as soon as possible. For an additional fee, our bronze foundry can shorten the 20 business days it usually takes to cast a bronze plaque to approx. 10 business days with another 5 business days required for shipping (unless overnight or express shipping is arranged in advance). Tell us what your specific deadline is and we'll let you know your options!