Background Color Options:
Our standard background color for all bronze markers and plaques is dark brown, but light brown and black can also be selected.

  Background Color

Border Options:

As shown in the illustrations, your marker can be ordered with a straight edge (with no border or a raised single or double line) or with a polished or painted bevel edge without a border.


(An additional fee is charged for polished bevel edges since they require extra labor compared to painted bevel edges)



Background Texture Options:
Our standard background texture for all bronze markers and plaques is pebble (also the most popular), but leather and plain backgrounds are also available.



Lettering/Font Style(s):
Most customers choose to let our experienced design team decide which style of lettering or "font" looks most attractive on their marker or plaque depending on the amount of text and type of artwork, but if a preference is desired our standard lettering styles are Times Roman, Helvetica and Optima.


Certain types of script fonts are also relied upon by our designers when they feel it would lend a touch of elegance to a layout, but this kind of lettering is normally used sparingly--for just names or short headlines--since script-style fonts are known for being difficult to read for long blocks of text.


Replaceable Scrolls:
Depending on a cemetery or memorial park's policies, some families are able to purchase a "pre-need" marker for two people called a "companion marker", typically for a husband and wife while one or both are still living.


If one or both of the individuals haven't passed away yet and the ability is desired to add the date(s) of death to the marker later, for an additional charge a replaceable "scroll" (a bronze plate with cast lettering screwed into drilled and tapped holes in the marker) can be ordered.


This scroll normally displays just the person's date-of-birth while he or she is living and when that individual's life has completed the scroll is removed, sent to the foundry (so the original screw holes can be matched up accurately) and replaced with a new scroll that would then display both the date-of-birth and death information.


Examples of how a replaceable scroll looks on a marker are shown at right.


Many cemeteries and memorial parks don't allow bronze markers with these replaceable scrolls or plates, so it's important to confirm with your particular one what their policy is on companion markers.




Photos In Durable Ceramic/Porcelain:
If your cemetery or memorial park allows them, photos--or round 3 1/2" US military service seals--reproduced on durable and brilliant ceramic or porcelain ovals and mounted in open raised bronze frames on a marker are a wonderful way to remember a loved one whether the photo is in full color, black & white or sepia tone (the slightly faded brown color of many old-time photos that represents the unique look of a bygone era).


We will need a quality copy--preferably not an original--of the best photo available printed by a photo studio or photo processing service. It's important to the final appearance of the ceramic oval that the photo is not blurry, otherwise out-of-focus or taken in bad lighting so that it's dark and shadowy.

Note: It's often better to not have a ceramic photo on a bronze plaque at all if the photo to be used is of poor quality and doesn't attractively present the individual(s).


There are two options for sending it to us:

1). Mail it via a trackable source (i.e., UPS, FedEx) to our address, or

2). Have the photo scanned at 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution at the ideal size of 4 1/4" W x 6" H by someone who understands the proper way to scan photos and e-mail it to us (call and we'll provide you with the e-mail address or will give you other instructions). Your photo will be returned once the ceramic oval has been completed by our manufacturing partner if it wasn't given to us in digital form.




Bas-Relief Sculptures Are Impressive...And Affordable!
Bas-relief, French for "low relief", is a word used to describe a sculpture which is not free-standing or "in the round" so that it can be seen from all sides, but rather an image--usually of a person--that is partly raised so that it stands out from the background.


Bronze markers or plaques look especially impressive with a bas-relief sculpture and the multi-step process that starts with an artisan creating a mold from one or more photos is actually very affordable and based on whether you desire a sculpture 8" high or less or one that is 11" high.


See a start-to-finish example of a bas-relief sculpture at right and contact us if you would like to see a loved one, company founder, historical figure or other important individual depicted forever in timeless bronze.


Optional Removable 9-Inch Bronze Vase:

Due to the rising cost of precious metals and thefts of bronze vases at cemeteries and memorial parks throughout North America, a source of heartache for families and headaches for those managing such properties, Valley Monuments prefers not to offer markers with vases, an all-too-easy target for thieves today.

Also, since the hallmark of our products is the generous amount of text and artwork the bronze markers can accommodate, making allowance for a vase on a marker takes up valuable space from more complete expressions of celebration.

However, if requested, a 9-inch high bronze urn (4 1/2 inches in diameter) is available for an extra charge. If ordered, the bronze flower vase is located within a ring setting on the bronze marker. When the vase is not in use it can be turned upside down to sit level with the surface of the bronze marker to prevent it from filling with water, leaves or dust.